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Favorite Female Characters (5/5): Grace Hart (Gracie Lou Freebush) | Miss Congeniality

"And then I came here and I realized that these women are smart, terrific people who are just trying to make a difference in the world. And we’ve become really good friends. I mean, I know we all secretly hope the other one will trip and fall on her face, and - wait a minute, I’ve already done that! And for me this experience has been one of the most rewarding and liberating experiences of my life."

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I laugh, but it’s frighteningly true

I can’t stop laughing


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Urquhart Castle, Drummadrochit, Loch Ness, Highlands, Scotland, UK


Good Night!

Whatever dumbfuck told you I am a patient man is a dumbfuck.

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How can someone named Sookie take him away from me?

cleverwhitegirl your favorite line

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♛ Royally Themed Movies (4/?) 

Sleeping Beauty

"In a faraway land, long ago, there lived a King and his fair Queen. Many years they had longed for a child, and finally their wish was granted. A daughter was born, and they called her Aurora. Yes, they named her after the dawn, for she filled their lives with sunshine. Then a great holiday was proclaimed throughout the land, so that all of high or low estate could pay homage to the infant Princess. And our story begins on that most joyful day…"

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